Giving vintage pieces a second life. 

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How We Started 

Little House Originals Started with Gaby & Karen. The first seeds of this Little House were planted when Karen started planning her bridal shower and wedding. Karen had a very specific vision, and it was hard to find the details she wanted for her big day. My mom (Gaby) and dad started using their weekends to go hunting for special pieces for her wedding, and before we knew it, a collection was born.

Who We Are Now 

Now here we are, a family-owned business that uses each one of our skills and passions to the maximum. My mom is behind all curation for our uncovered gems. My father is our family's hacker, if anything needs fixing, he will always figure out how! Then that leaves me, Miguel - I am behind all things Little House, aka my mom's right hand.

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Our Mission

At Little House, we focus on curating pieces from many different places, and bring them together to provide a collection of dainty and romantic tableware and decorative items rentable for all sized events. Little House Originals is a boutique business that doesn’t buy anything mass produced; every item is a treasure that was uncovered by us.